Q: do lightroom presets work on any photo?

A: Yes! These presets work with RAW and JPEG photos in Adobe Lightroom CS4 and higher, Lightroom CC, and Lightroom Classic CC(desktop only), but RAW photo’s have a higher quality and will look better overall compared to a JPEG photo. All photo examples on the website were edited with our presets in one click, however, presets can work differently on every photo depending on light, colors, and exposure, so tweaking the presets a bit when editing your own photos is highly encouraged.

Q: how do I install your presets into lightroom?

A: You can follow our INSTALLATION GUIDE here. Each preset pack also comes with these instructions on how to install your presets.

Q: Do these presets work with Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Camera Raw?

A: Yes! All Preset packs come with Lightroom Presets, as well as Adobe Photoshop Camera Raw Presets! No need to purchase separately, they both come in each pack!

Q: Once I select a preset, can I make additional changes to my photo?

A: Absolutely. Presets are meant to give you a solid starting point for your edit! It's always encouraged to play around with your edit after the preset is applied to make your photos truly stand out!


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