LANDSCAPE VOL. I - Moody Greens


Designed for those amazing Icelandic views and grassy mountains, this preset pack is designed to make editing your vacation photos easy so you can spend more time where it really matters, outside. 

Black Sands - Make those darks darker and those colors pop.

Valley Forge - punchy tones and subtle colors

No Destination - Warm tones and bright greens

High Peak - Dark steel blue skies to bring out any scenery.

Dirt Road - Dark vintage browns with a punch.

Waterfall - Great fall Icelandic tones

Hidden Beach - Dark blacks and colorful tones.

Lone Cabin - Deep yellows and strong contrast.

Sea to Sea - Dark, deep, and punchy

Cliffside - bright and moody at the same time.

Simple installation and one click to apply. Compatible with Lightroom CS4 and higher, Lightroom CC, and Lightroom Classic CC.