Editing Toolkit

Editing Toolkit

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This pack focuses on teaching you everything you need to know about Lightroom editing. Tone Curves and Split Toning, to Basic Adjustments and Split Toning. This pack will allow you to get the most from Lightroom, and take your editing to the next level! Mix and matching is highly encouraged in this set!

This pack includes over 60 different Lightroom settings to work with.

Auto Tone - Basic adjustments that make the biggest difference

White Balance - Perfect temperature for every environment

Exposure - Adjust overall brightness

Contrast - Brighter whites and darker blacks, or vice versa

Tone Curves - Similar to Contrast, but with more flexibility.

Split Toning - Adds subtle color tones to highlights and shadows

Sharpening - Sharpen up those edges for a crisper feel.

Vignetting - Darkens the edges around your photo for a dreamy feel

Noise Reduction - Get rid of that annoying noise in your photos.

Grain - Add a vintage or a film feel with a grainy texture

Color Calibration - From basic color correction to wild orange and teals!

Simple installation and one click to apply! These presets are designed to work with Adobe Lightroom CS4 and higher, Lightroom CC, and Lightroom Classic CC Desktop Version (Mac + Windows), and are compatible with RAW and JPEG photos. 

Presets will be available to download immediately after payment is received.

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